Thursday, May 30, 2013

THAWTE Inc. & e-Path

Industry giant and world leading SSL certificate authority THAWTE Inc. has made e-Path the topic of a recent case study promoting their premium SSL with Extended Validation (EV) webserver certificate product.

View THAWTE Inc. Global SSL+EV Product Case Study

THAWTE Inc. is one of the world's best known SSL certificate providers. They have an impeccable reputation within the banking, financial and international stock and money trading sectors.

Perhaps as to be expected THAWTE SSL certificates are amongst the most expensive products of their type, however, the THAWTE SSL + EV certificates perfectly compliment the level of security the e-Path system has been engineered to deliver.

When you see a website protected by a THAWTE SSL+EV certificate you can be assured the site owner is about as serious as they can possibly be about online security. 

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Peter Thwaites